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Crash Assist to 67 ( Rohrerstown FD)

2013-02-18 Today Rescue 23 was dispatched  to assist station 67 ( Rohrerstown Fd) for a vehicle accident on Route 30. 67 units arrived on scene and placed our rescue available.

Command: Rescue 201

Units: E67-1. Rescue 201, Rescue 23, Engine 66-3

Thoughts and Prayers

Status Update from Local 319 Lancaster City  firefighters union on the condition of the firefighters injured from This mornings Fire Please keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers:

By Lancaster Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 319
The Board and members would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of the victim’s of this mornings fire.

I would like to update the status of the three fire fighters injured. Fire Fighter Craig Roberson suffered a fractured vertebra after bailing out a split door on the C side of the house. Fire Fighter Thomas Bender suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns on his hands and a laceration on his shoulder after bailing out a second floor window on the A side. Both were treated and released from LGH. Lt Andre Kelly suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to about 20-25% of his body. Lt Kelly was flown to Crozer-Chester medical center where he is listed in critical but stable condition. Lt Kelly has under gone a bronchoscopy to determine the status of his airway. There was some swelling to the upper airway but the lower airway was clear which is good news. He will remain sedated for a few days at which time the test will be repeated. We ask that you do not visit or call the hospital at this time for he needs to rest and recover.
We would like to thank the following organizations for their assistance on the scene, LCWC dispatchers, MTFR, LTFD, BRFR, WSFC, Sta 63, GSFR, Air 48, CBFD, LCPD and all the EMS crews. We would also like to thank the stand-by companies for their help. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Rescue Assist to Station 67

2013-01-22 Rescue 23 was dispatched to assist station 67 (Rohrerstown) with a vehicle accident with reported entrapment Shortly after response incident held to Station 67.


Units: Engine 67-1, Rescue 23, Squad 23-2

Dwelling Assist to Manheim

2013-01-23 Engine and Truck were dispatched to assist station 26 ( Manheim FD) for a reported dwelling fire.  During response engine was placed available and the truck was advised to stage. Turned out to be a malfunctioing propane stove all units cleared.

Command: Chief 26

Units: Engine 23-1, Truck 23, Engine 26-1, Rescue 26, Tanker 69, Squad 23-2